There is life growing within…

A profound initiation into spirituality.

The feeling of being alive, not just existing in our mundane everyday routines-but truly, intentionally and purposefully living out our truest light. There is a current that runs through the soul of every life. The journey of motherhood is one of divine spirituality and unequivocal grace.

“Being pregnant and giving birth are like crossing a bridge. People can accompany you to the bridge and they can greet you on the other side, but you walk the bridge alone. -African Proverb”

In the beginning there was God & she created everything. As many times as, I have heard that recited, it never resonated like it has now. I truly now understand the power of the creator, the journey, the reverence and the treasure of life.

“Pregnancy is the beginning of a conscious life journey”- Unknown

To create life, you begin by shedding your human armor to develop a soulfully charged spirit of divinity that leads you through the days of your creation. At first you acknowledge the spiritual and physical parts of your being. then you recluse into ones inner peace pervasively cloaked by worldly life. You feed your soul with fruits of prosperity and growth for survival. You recognize that there is a life growing inside of you… recognizing that in reverence of your own image and likeness -your creation will be born. Through it all, this machine of creative divinity is powered by the depths of our love. The unbounded love of a creator. God-like beings of life. A woman -A mother, growing life from within.

For all that we create in a way of hallow divinity we must rest, reflect and live in our truest and unbridled selves.

I do think that birth is a spiritual experience. When you know where this child is coming from and that he is from God, it is more special. We are all spirits. Sometimes I feel that the child is not only mine but is a child of God. -Amoros, Callister, & Sarkisyan